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5 points at Swiss GP

5 points at Swiss GP

Raf Meuwissen and Petr Polak participated in the Swiss GP this weekend, while Mike Bolink had to sit out due to injury.

It was a succesfull GP for the team. Raf Meuwissen showed his speed in the timed practice and qualifying race, finishing 23rd and 22nd out of 35 competitors. Unfortunately in moto 1 a stone got stuck between the brakepedal in moto 1 and in moto2 Raf did not finish after a crash.

Petr Polak had more succes, he finished a strong 19th and 18th in the motos, scoring 5 points. The Czech rider has just returned from injury and still lacked rythm, but these results were a moral boost for the team.

Next up is the GP of Arco

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