Young Motion powered by Resa


2023 MX2 World Championship team

Young Motion powered by Resa is a team competing in the motocross World Championship. In 2023 we will be participating in the MX2 and EMX 250 series.

The people behind the team have a passion for MX, and we aim to support the local MX scene as well as a couple of true privateers.

Latest news

Young Motion and Resa Racing join forces in MXGP!

In the past season the Young Motion GP team gained a lot of experience in the world championship motocross. Some great moments were achieved, despite injuries for all riders. This included a 4th place in the Dutch Masters for Glen Meier and 11th in EMX250 for Meico Vettik. The team wants to step up to […]

21-08 Final GP of 2022

The final GP of the year for our team, with only Jens Walvoort on the line. Jens had a strong 2nd moto, climbing as high as 14th after a bad start. Unfortunately a collision with a hay bale ended his search for points. Meico Vettik finished the season in 11th in point after missing 3 […]

14-08 Top 10 in Finland

A strong showing by Jens Walvoort, with a career best 11th in moto 2. Great to see the young dutchman having top 10 EMX250 speed. Jens finished just behind Meico Vettik, who climbed to 10th in points.

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