Young Motion powered by Resa


2023 MX2 World Championship team

Young Motion powered by Resa is a team competing in the motocross World Championship. In 2023 we will be participating in the MX2 serie.

The people behind the team have a passion for MX, and we aim to support the local MX scene as well as a couple of true privateers.

Latest news

End of season

The season has ended for our team, we thank our riders and our partners to make this year happen. For 2024 we plan to return with 3 riders and focus on 8 Grand Prix and the Dutch Masters. Stay tuned!

26th at Dutch GP for Bolink

Mike Bolink finished 23-26 for 26th overall in Arnhem at the home GP for the team. Polak and Soulimani were unavailable due to injuries.

Injury for Petr Polak

Petr Polak had a crash during training this week and as a result he broke his left collarbone, dislocated his right shoulder, bruised his lungs, broke a rib and has a concussion. He has been operated and has returned home after a couple of days in the hospital.

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